About Hamza Medicare

As a responsible corporate body we have a threefold objective. We have set for ourselves a goal to excel in healthcare economics, social and environmental performance. We have brought possible best in healthcare to the country and will continuously be on our toes to improve it. We have highly experienced consultants in different specialties. From mere OPD consultation to complicated surgical procedures to state of the art diagnostic facilities, we are delivering each and every qualitative service under one roof.

This year marks completion of 20 years of Quality Healthcare Service Delivery; our enviable execution of Corporate Social Responsibility; the role we played in strengthening economy through employment generation and tax contribution; our commitment with ethical business practices and good corporate governance; and contribution to the healthcare sector and society in the form of educational excellence, human resource development and research. Alhamdulillah, in retrospection, we have much to celebrate.

Accomplishments are gigantic and more importantly, in line with the mission that inspired us to undertake the task of building this institution. This, however, is also a reminder of a greater challenge in the years and decades to come.

Though brick and mortar structures, the institutions are but the principles they talk about and live. To this end, I am fortunate enough for being able to state with conviction that we never lost sight of the objectives with which we conceived this institution. Running a successful ethical business and providing personal and professional growth opportunities to thousands of men and women irrespective of their race, religion, ethnicity, gender was our objective.

Achieving this demanded adherence to high principles and clean practices. Alhamdulillah, we came out contented. We resisted temptations, faced up pressures and upheld the values we believe and talk about. This is not just history. This is our one and only future course of action. And the only path leading to sustainable success and growth, I believe.