Founder of Hamza Medicare

“In this part of the world, we are providing medical treatment services to all humanity regardless race, cast, nationality and status. I wish this hospital to be a great medical service provider organization.

Health in Pakistan, like everywhere else in the world, has become a complex issue. We are working in an environment where a majority is deprived of basic human necessities, let alone healthcare. Complexity of the healthcare provision has multiplied since healthcare has merged with many areas of civilized living like awareness, education, environment and microeconomics etc. No one can think of providing healthcare without addressing the aforesaid aspects of social life.

Quality is the value that founders of Hamza Medicare set as a policy principle a decade ago, when the idea of quality healthcare center like Hamza Medicare was conceived. When with this very concept in mind we started our journey, It took us extensive brainstorming, consistent implementation and swift execution. Hamza Medicare is in the southern Punjab where quality medical facilities are scarce but we are providing top notch health care services and patient satisfaction is our top priority.

I am profoundly thankful to Almighty for blessing us with vision and courage to understand and take up the demands of changing scenario in Pakistan’s health sector.”

– Dr. Abdul Waheed Choudhary